SaaS to serve feature toggles/flags to web apps, mobile apps, or any other type of software available. It fully integrates with GitHub and therefore has all the benefits that GitHub provides, including history, access management and branching.

This project is registered as an Estonia company, called FeatureNinjas OÜ.


SourceMugs is a project that allows you to print code onto a white (light) or black (dark) mug. You can set color themes and choose a language so that your code looks as in your favorite editor.


Simple tool to compare time zones in 150k+ cities world wide. Share to inform others and organize using custom colors.

Speaker Activities

Let agile software delivery become a reality. Really.​

Agile Cambridge 2019

Cambridge, UK

About the session

We’re always looking for an agile mindset. Let’s assume that we, and all around us, understand the values of agility. Now, let’s talk about what tools and technologies help to turn agility into reality. Particularly in complex project set-ups and when delivering fast-paced services, these are required to deliver an increment to customers.

This session is about these tools and technologies, and shows hands-on how to deliver a product, with an agile mindset, to customers.

What is the car of the future?​

Global Forum on Cars 2019

Munich, Germany

About the session

Case Study about the future of the car and its implication of our understanding of what a car really is. Finally, this talk gives an introduction about the agile mindset which is required to go on in this competitive and highly dynamic future.

  • Mindset shift of medium for transportation to a mobile device
  • How do we achieve the ultimate mobile device
  • Mindset shift from traditional process model to agile development

Driving Key Stakeholder Management​

Agile Cambridge 2017

Cambridge, UK

About the session

As cars are still created using steel, iron sheets, cables and rubber there is a hard release date for software before the assembly lines start. So even if we are as agile as possible in our software-driven world, we have to keep the other departments, third party deliveries and market adjustments in mind.

This session is about stakeholder management during the development of the UI software. I want to start with the environment that we work in from a software point of view – including design, concept, specification and implementation. This environment is expanded to, for example, car line production responsibles, backend responsibles and custom studies.

Fall and rise of agile adoption in an enterprise project

Agile Cambridge 2015

Cambridge, UK

About the session

This session is about the adoption of agile practices and methodologies for a software project that has a long history.

The IBM OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert on z/OS is a product for DB2 performance monitoring that has a history of 20+ years.

It was initially developed using classic ‘waterfall’ project management methodology. But to react better to changing requirements, we started to look into agile methodologies with the last release.

Then, after two years, we completely changed our agile process again as it neither (truly) followed agile rules nor helped the developers and testers to understand their priorities.

We learned from this fall and improved our development process to a great extent.

Boeblingen, Stuttgart